5 Most Horrible Sightings in Google Earth

Google Earth satellite imagery captures a lot of strange pictures on this earth. Some pictures of them published by the people to seek sensation, some are indeed want to know more about the mystery of the strange sightings.
Here are 5 Most Horrible Sightings in Google Earth, as quoted from paling-unik.com

1. The lake monster sightings lochness
A Dreadful apparition caught by Google Earth satellite show the form that creepy weird, the figure is elliptical and has a few strands of tail. One of those who claimed to be eyewitnesses, Jason Cook claimed to have seen a sea monster measuring 19 meters in the waters of Lochness, Scotland. Actually, this monster story has long been a myth that is legendary in the region.

2. The appearance of trail and Murder Scene

Gooe2gle Earth has also been catching a horrible apparition which sparked controversy on the Internet. Many consider that the scene was a murder scene. If it is true, it can be said it is the most horrible murder scene. This story has been published by the Daily Mail on 5 April 2013 and then, in the picture it looks a trail of blood along the pier. There is someone who is standing, and the other one fell asleep.
See traces of the blood spilled, many consider that those who stand had dragged the body (the person who lay beside him) and will throw it into the lake. Images that are detected on the quayside in the town of Almere, Amsterdam, Netherlands, was first posted on the Reddit home page under the title ‘A murder near my house on Google Maps’. However, many are not convinced that the image was an act of murder. The reason is simple. Satellite captured images of Google Earth that occur during the day.

3. Figure Ghost Man
Two Dreadful apparition above is not the last picture ever captured by the satellite Ggoogle. Earlier, a woman named Fiona Powell, see ghost images of men in a village that had been evicted to be used airfield in the area of ​​South Gloucestershire, England.

4. Mysterious Pentagram in Kanzakhstan
A large pentagram etched in the ground near a lake in a remote corner in Kazakhstan, fueling conspiracy theories after it appears in Google Earth. Star five-pointed star symbol 366 meters in diameter, located on the southern coast of the Upper Tobol Reservoir in the north of the country. Pentagram commonly associated with devil worship, but also used in the Bahai religion, Taoism China, neopaganis, and followers of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. But whatever its meaning, a symbol that has been visible in Google Earth in a remote location is still a mystery. Some people conclude that it is clearly the work of a secret satanic cult, while others believe it could have been the remains of a Russian military base.

5. Giant Mysterious Creatures in New Zealand
Terrible sightings of mysterious giant creature appeared in the Gulf Okay, In New Zealand some time ago. The size of the creature much larger than the shark and move faster than the whales. A technician named Pita Witehira find the creature through Google Earth satellite photos. The creature looks like approaching from above the water surface and elongated shape, traces of water which ditimbulkannyapun quite clearly visible.
Witehira find sightings of the creature while looking for a house where berliburnya. The size of the creature’s length is approximately 12 meters. Indigenous Maori Taniwha call the creature (a kind of giant dragons) are obviously not too large whales and sharks called. Traces of water in the bay was also certainly not a former ship trajectory since no froth of white color due to rotation propeller boat engines. The creature was too big for the size of the sharks and very long. Definitely a very heavy weight so that it can create such an elongated water footprint.