Model Train Station in Aventura Mall

Model Train Station is an 16×29 foot display that has everything that you can imagine. Took 60 days to put it all together, and 7 passionate people to create a beautiful story. The amusement park, the theater, Santa and the reindeer, port and airport, old-time mill and snow capped mountains, all in one story.

Dave is one of them and he sits by his art work, with his little train constructor hat and talking so beautiful about every little detail, Like the airport:
With 3 planes, one of them is actually moving on the runway.
The ocean theme has beside the yacht and boats that move around and do water ski, there is a shark getting close to a guy that is relaxing in the water.
A live performance is happening by the outdoor theater, live music.
If you are really paying attention to the details, on one side of the mountain you will see some rock climbers going up to the mountain top, where some dears are waiting.
On other side is a car wash, and you can even hear the girl telling the driver the charge and opening the the car wash.

Every other 4 min, something is going on. Like the Gym is opening, and people are working out.
Or a fireman goes up on a board to save a little kitty or on top of the mountain, people are riding a sleigh.
No matter what are you looking for, this little town it will impress you from any point of view.All trains are different and each of them has a story to tell.
The work, the details and the story it’s just beautiful.