Aliens Land at Baalbek?

Baalbek, situated at an elevation of 3,840 feet, is located in Lebanon the site of one of the world’s most enduring mysteries.The megaliths at Baalbek are believed to be much older in relation to the ruins of the Roman and Greek temples in the region. Over a thousand tons of enormous rocks located at Baalbek and it seems unlikely the ancients had the technology to transfer such enormous monoliths from one place to another.
And when one considers the Roman temple in Baalbek is built on the base of rocks that are on the list of greatest hewn in the history of mankind, then one wonders if this can be the work of gods, people, or extraterrestrial beings.

The trilithons form till date archaeologists never have had the opportunity to accurately assign their building into a culture and part of the base. The three rocks that served as the base of the Roman temple are really resting on a bed that was foundational and at one time were lifted stage. There are not any other websites that reflect Baalbek. Above all, there are not any historical references to the engineering marvel in Roman texts. If Greeks or the Romans really did achieve this effort, they might certainly have left a comprehensive record of it. But no, there exists no signs of any written material on the way the enormous monoliths of Baalbek were transferred into area.

Additionally, why was this site so far taken off the centre of the empire to construct the biggest temple in the honour of Jupiter chosen by the Romans? Maybe this site was consistently holy. Was it holy?

The claim of early astronaut theorists is given credence by a text less than the epic of Gilgamesh. And Gilgamesh himself testified to seeing extraterrestrial beings rise into the heavens within their crafts.

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