Boriska -The Indigo Child



A kid called Boriska, or Boris Kipriyanovich, lives in Zhirinovsk of Russia’s Volgograd region’s city. He was created on January 11, 1996. Because he was 4 he used-to visit a well-known anomalous area, typically referred to as Medvedetskaya Gryada – a mountain nearby the community. It appears that the kid had a need to look at the zone regularly to fulfill his requirements in energy.

Parents, knowledgeable, great and welcoming people, are worried about their talents that were interesting that were son’s. They do not understand how others can comprehend Boriska when he grows up. The state that they’d not be unhappy to consult with a professional to know how to raise their wunderkind.

His mommy could not support but realize that his mind could be held by the baby child previously in 15 days after his birth although being a physician. He uttered the very first word ‘baba’ when he was 4 months old and started to pronounce easy phrases quickly afterwards. At a half and one year he’d no difficulties in reading newspaper headlines. At age of two years he leaned how-to paint six months later and began drawing. He began likely to a nearby kindergarten when two transformed. Teachers instantly recognized distinctive memory, his unusual quick-wittedness, language skills and the strange kid.

Nevertheless, his parents noticed that Boriska received understanding not merely in the outer earth, but through strange stations as well. They saw him studying information that was unidentified from someplace.

“No you’ve got ever taught him,” Boriska’s mother said. “Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and commence informing us detailed facts about Mars systems as well as other civilizations, which genuinely puzzled people,” the woman said.

How may only a little kid recognize issues that are such? If the son turned two years old house became the lasting theme of his stories. Once he said that he used-to survive Mars herself. He suggests the earth is inhabited currently too, though it dropped its environment following a large problem. The Martians live in underground cities, Boriska says.

The boy also suggests that, he used-to fly to Globe for research applications when he was a Martian. Additionally, he piloted a spacecraft himself. It took place within the occasion of the Lemurian civilization. He talks about Lemuria’s drop like it occurred yesterday. He claims that Lemurians died because they ceased to build up themselves spiritually and broke the unity of the earth.

He got extremely excited about it when his mommy introduced him a guide called “Whom We’re Started From” by Ernest Muldashev. He invested a long time searching through the drawings of Lemurians, photographs of pagodas, and then he instructed their culture for all hours as well as his parents of Lemurians non stop. As he talked, his mommy realized that 70 lived and so they were nine yards tall… “How is it possible to remember all this?” the girl asked her daughter. “Yes, I recall and nobody has told me that, it was seen by me,” Boriska answered.

In Muldashev’s next guide “In Research of Town of Gods” he recollected a lot about pyramids and shrines and viewed through photographs to get a very long time. He then believed that folks wouldn’t uncover historical understanding beneath the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The knowledge is going to be discovered under another pyramid, which includes not been found yet. Human life that is “The will transform when the Sphinx is exposed, it has a gap procedure somewhere behind the hearing, I do not remember ” he explained.

Boriska is certainly one of so called indigo children. They start to appear as a token of the forthcoming grand modification of the planet on Earth.

For we live eternally, “No, I have no fear of death. There was a devastation on Mars. People like us still stay there. There is a nuclear war between them. Everything burnt down. Just some of these survived. They developed new guns and designed shelters. All components changed. Martians mostly breathe carbon dioxide. Should they flew to our earth today, they’d must spend-all some time inhaling toxins and standing next to pipes,” Boriska stated.

“If you’re from Mars, do you need carbon dioxide?”

“If I am within this body, I breathe air”.

Experts expected the kid why man-made because they approach Mars spacecraft typically freeze. “Martians transmit channels comprising dangerous radiation to be destroyed by unique signals,” Boriska responded.

The kid has serious understanding of its dimensions and room. He’s also not unaware of the framework of UFOs that are interplanetary. He discusses that such as an expert, attracts UFOs on slates and explains the way they work. Listed here is one of his true reports: “It has six sheets. The upper layer of solid metal accounts for 25 percent, rubber –’s second level 30 percent, the third coating of material – 30 percent, and also the last coating with magnetic qualities – 4 percent. If we give vitality to the magnetic layer, spaceships will have the ability to fly across the Universe.”

Boriska has a large amount of problems with college. After an appointment he was taken to the 2nd quality, but shortly they tried to get rid of him. He continuously stops academics and suggests they are wrong… today the boy has classes having a private instructor.

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