Erin Rothschild Speaks Out !

For those who do not follow the Conspiracy Theory , this interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story in the viewpoint of time travel and her experience growing up being tortured and get through satanic rituals, illuminati mind control,Project MKUltra etc.

She claims a lot of things like:
-She is a Rothschild.
-She grew up with a lot of money
-She is a hybrid, 50% human, 50% reptilian
-She claims it exist a parallel universe.
-She claims she is interdimensional and can travel between those parallel universe.
-She is actually born in the parallel universe and decided to come to our universe.
-She is a MKUltra child
-She claims about super soldiers and mind control
-She claims to know the truth of the future of our society/world.
-She claims to have the answer to prevent it, but cannot tell (yet).
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Here is the interview where you can hear the things she claims.
Even the first minutes of the interview will blow off your mind!

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