First Artificial Kidney In The World


Kidneys perform important function in the human body: removing extra fluid, filtering blood and discharging waste products.

Kidney diseases are varied, but their main causes over the long term are diabetes and high blood pressure. This often leads to complete failure of the kidneys to function at a level -to-day life. In the later phases of the sickness, the treatment choices that are only are transplant or dialysis. Although dialysis can be lifesaving, it continues for just a brief time after which the process must be repeated. There’s frequently a shortage of donors, plus the threat of rejection by their defense mechanisms; although organ transplants can help patients to recover their strength and freedom, permitting a return to regular tasks. Stem cell treatments are starting to emerge , have to contain an entire replacement for kidneys.

A third alternative was investigated, yet, which can be now becoming accessible for the very first time: completely manufactured kidneys. Within a government invention program, the development procedure because of this specific job was hastened, cutting the time needed for acceptance.*

Using nanotechnology, these devices can mimic virtually all the essential functions of the kidney, while other renal actions are performed by a bioreactor. Also, the apparatus has an indefinite lifespan, unlike genuine transplanted kidneys which usually last for 10 to 12 years.