Giant Fireballs Crash In Russia


In a scene that is reminiscent from 2007 film Transformers, 3 huge fireballs were videotaped hitting the ground in Russia . The 1 minute long video shows at first 2 fireballs heading in at about a 45 degree angle, but toward the last 10 seconds a 3 fireball is seen either emerging from behind the clouds cover or breaking off the top fireball. While the exact location of where these fireballs crashed in Russia is unknown, much speculation of what these fireballs actually are has been running rampant. Everything from meteorites, UFOs, space debris, missiles, and even the alien Transformers has been discussed as to what these are.

The main argument that many people seem to being disagreeing on is the lack of sound and an impact explosion at the end. While they do move like meteors across the early morning sky, toward the end there seems to be some type of deceleration before impact. As almost like they are slowing down. More information about these alleged meteor is currently trying to be collected, but the lack of sound, impact explosion, and just the sheer amazement from the people who witnessed this is enough to keep the question alive: what are they?