Is An Ancient City Hidden Under Antarctica?

allien city
People shouldn’t be surprised to discover there were other civilizations on earth more than 10 000 years ago. During the last glacial summit, the sea level was 400 ft beneath the current standing on continents put as a result of solid ice. Way bulks of the ruins of human civilizations are actually sitting beneath the waves on the continental shelves.

We’re all used to being told don’t trust what authorities or scientists tell us, and yes, there are cover ups and conspiracies without question, but here we’ve a small stone, a 400 year old map to demonstrate us the north coast line of Antarctica when that should have been impossible , turns out to be the shore of South America writhed 90degrees to the east because the darn paper wasn’t large enough to accommodate it, you couldn’t make it upward, additionally sees the below the ice cities, UFO foundations, remains of the Nazi quest etc.

Alltime Conspiracies