Name The Game If You Played!


You played this game in childhood?
Is a funny game and this game has been around since late sixteenth century.
I think everybody knows the rules, one player ‘leaps’ over the backs of the other players who stoop close enough to form a continuous line, attempting to cause the line to collapse under the weight of the riders.
The game was also played in colonial America and in a lot of country from Europe and Asia under different version like:
-The French version of this game is called saute-mouton (literally “leapsheep”)
-The Romanian is called capra or lapte gros (“mounting rack” or “goat”)
-In India it is called as “Aar Ghodi Ki Par Ghodi” (meaning “horseleap”)
-In Italy the game is called “la cavallina” (baby female horse”).
-In Dutch it is called “bokspringen” (literally “goatjumping”; a ‘bok’ is a male goat) or “haasje-over” (“hare-over”).
In the Korean and Japanese versions (말뚝박기 “piledriving” and 馬跳び うまとび umatobi, “horseleap”)

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