NASA Caught HIDING the Hollow Earth?


Conspiracy theorists consider that NASA, jointly with the world authorities, is attempting to cover up a huge hole at the North Pole, which they consider to be a passage way to an interior earth which is whole with human cultures, animals, plant life and internal sun.

A veteran of the War of 1812 and unsuccessful dealer, Symmes, shortly became perhaps the successful and most well-known proponent of the Hollow Earth theory or Agartha The Hollow Inner Earth . His first vision of the Earth’s interior was like a simplified variant of Halley’s multi-layered model, with the exception that Symmes’ variation contained enormous holes at the South and North poles which permitted access. His exceptional accession to Hollow Earth theory, these holes, would come to be known as “Symmes Holes.”


Even Jules Verne Talk About Hollow earth on his book “Journey to the center of the earth”

Based on the video that was next, a research journey was ordered by Adolf Hitler in the Antarctica for the same opening. You can find theories going around up until now they may be still loving their safe haven in and that Hitler with his guys have discovered a refugee by entering the giant hole resulting in internal Earth.
Polar explorer Admiral Richard E Bird detailed of reaching interior Earth his success. According to him, he entered the hole and went 1,700 miles among mountains, like – vegetation, lakes, culture and mammoth creature creatures.