Santa Muerte – Satan Worship Cartel Style

As the increasing interest in Satanic rituals propagates across the world, Mexico is one of the places hardest hit from the sways of values and Satanic cults. Religious leaders in the mostly Roman Catholic nation are alarmed at the developing trends encompassing the violent drug war that include cult rites that are Satanic, together with the rise in exorcisms being performed due to the evil power crossing the country.

Ritual deaths connected with Satanic cults are becoming an increasing issue in certain areas around the world. News outlets have recently zeroed in on the developing problem in Southern Africa, but other places are also being affected. In Mexico, religious leaders are reporting a rise in the requirement for spiritual cleansing (exorcisms) as a lead to the widespread recognition of a folk cult related to Santa Muerte (also called St Dying) – a female saint that resembles the Grim Reaper.

The hooded effigy that decorates the shelves of countless shops is recognized as La Dama Poderosa, which means ‘The Strong Lady.’ Those that pray to the saint, often require reprisal against foes, as well as love, success, healing. There is an estimated 10-million fans associated with Muerte, who also performs a significant influence on individuals who participate in drug-related offenses.

Reports state that at the very least 70,000 people have lost their lifestyles to drug -related violence since 2006 with Mexican authorities observing an alarming trend regarding the killings. The character in which the majority are being murdered looks to take on the appearance of compromise that is human. In different sections of Mexico, it is common to see dismembered corpses stretched out across the roads. The remains of viciously tortured bodies have already been discovered hanging from links, and piled in to mass graves. Many of the deaths are meant to send a note to gangs and rival drug dealers, and some believe that it is the function of ‘The Demon.’

A priest and exorcist house in the administrative centre Mexico City informed the BBC that “behind all these huge and architectural evils, there is a darkish agent and his name is The Demon. That is why God wants to have here a ministry of exorcism and liberation, for the combat against the devil.”

There exists a possibility that human sacrifices are being offered by these involved in drug trafficking to Muerte in expectations of avoiding jail time, escaping the careful eye of the cops, and/or producing more income. Some say that since Santa Muerte isn’t a saint that is Religious, it’s less unacceptable amongst drug runners to ask for aid regarding unlawful activities.

While Santa Muerte figures straight back date to the 1940s in Mexico, it really is noted the cult has only been acknowledged within the past ten years. About five years ago, President Felipe Calderon declared the st a numberone enemy of the religion of the country’s. The president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Authorities for Tradition has additionally called Santa Muerte figures a “blasphemy against faith.”

Chris LaSala