STRONG By Zumba – The Next Level

This year Zumba fitness program will turn 10 years of hard work, joy, dance, travel, friendships, events for fun, education, team or charity….you name it, they’ve done it all. They connect people from all over the world, 180 countries, over 15 millions people share one love, one passion. One of the biggest convention is every year in Orlando, Fl, and it’s just amazing to watch thousands of ZIN members (Zumba Instructor Network) dancing in every corner, every class, every hallway, every Hotel or every ….street around the Convention Center.

For people that thinks Zumba is just another easy dance workout, let me tell you, it’s not. If you never tried it, go ahead and do it. They have programs for everybody. Zumba Step, Zumba Toning using weights, Aqua Zumba perfect for pool party, Zumba Kids 2 levels, Zumba Gold just to show you that age is not a problem when it comes to dance and workout. But this year, this is what the other side of Fitness is waiting for. For those who like the high intensity workout, boot camp workout, now, there is no excuse to try Zumba. The new program called “STRONG” it will be soon in every gym because all the instructors are getting certified soon.
So now, besides shaking, smiling, sweating, danceing, you will jump, do push-ups and anything that your instructor shows you to do but with a little flavor.

Heiko Binzer