The Rainbow City Built by Martians in Antarctica


Rainbow Town is definitely a historical Martian City the following on Earth, nearly all of it’s produced from a form of plastic, somewhat like Lego probably.

And where’s this city? Anywhere hidden under Antarctica’s slippery ice. It’s basically just one of community of Martian cities developed over two and a half millions years ago. The other cities at the moment are discontinued but Rainbow City remains inhabited by way of a several original settlers who built their way to Earth.
​The primary details received about Rainbow City arrived in the 1940s inside the writings of William and Hefferlin was accordingly titled the Hefferlin Manuscript.

It appears that Will and Gladys discovered with Khatani who is supposedly be one of many Old Several who rule this Martian refuge from their contact of the town.
And wherever are Mister Hefferlin now? Properly, it’s rumored that they’re currently residing in Rainbow City and so are clear of old-age and death with due to really sophisticated Martian medical sciences.
Today maybe you are wondering the Martians might desire to develop a town such a spot that is unfriendly as Antarctica. Nicely it’s this that the Hefferlin Manuscript informs people.

Countless years back Mars was an alright spot to reside but their ancients it’s oxygen got into shorter and faster supply and realized that the earth was dying. It turned essential to maneuver, so that they went for Earth and packed a few of their baggage.
Mars’ Truly Amazing Ruler delivered a fast of spaceships plus they completed. Here they constructed eight locations each of an alternative color but the maximum of all of them, Rainbow Area, was composed the colors of the rainbow of all.

At the time Antarctica was a good, cozy spot to stay, but a great problem of some type transpired along with the Globe was likely on it’s axis.

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