Acquired Messianic Complex Disorder (AMCD)

“Learn to control your thoughts and intentions for they may just become your reality! Never dwell in pain, suffering, or sorrow…. These by far are the lowest vibration levels one could be at…. Do not dwell in the past or things you can not change…. To truly find peace one must be at peace, notice that the peace sign is a circle, this is because they vibrate at a high frequency…. If you can train your mind to come back full circle in to happiness after certain events, people, struggles, and negativity…. You can truly change your reality and the reality of those around you.

Ever wonder why Buddha is depicted laughing, or why monks find humor in everything? It’s because they know that the more they stay in laughter, the more funny things that the world will provide for them….
Also why Turkish Sufi Muslims pray while twerling in trance like circles, they by far are vibrating at the highest levels…. I often see people dance in circles at festivals and I wonder if they understand the true divinity of the energy they are actually creating…”

-KC Cain