Full Moon on Summer Solstice


JUNE 20th 2016!!!!!!!
Some time ago, we had been told about false flags events and when they occur which is usually right before powerful celestial alignments. And this is to make use of the powerful emotional sentiments of the populous over what happened and make use of that energy to fuel a ritual that will take place on the date of that celestial alignment.
Recently there was the incident in Orlando, and most of the populous has already seen it as a false flag designed to put new gun laws in effect to challenge the 2nd Amendment(the right to bear arms). Now on Monday June 20th 2016 (day after Juneteenth) that will be the Summer Solstice which is powerful in itself, but also this year, it is the day of the full moon also. This potentially will be the most powerful day of the year! Know this and plan accordingly you occultists out there and design your rituals to ‘piggy-back’ off the energies available to fuel your own rituals to manifest what YOU WANT to occur for the next six month period (the next solstice is in December 6 months from now).
The full moon on June 20th will occur during ‘void-of-course’ (7:02 AM EST) as it moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn at (at 7:55 AM EST)
Know the forces that you (we) are up against…
(also, in November 2016 there will be a large moon as it will make a very close approach to our earth).

Apostle Laura Lee