Indigo Children Are REAL!


A great number of medical professionals have dismissed the traditional ADHD diagnoses associated with long term social and behavioral health problems and took side with the parents who said that their children may have supernatural powers and abilities out of the normal…

The behavior of Indigo children;

1. They are born knowing they are unique and deserve to be valued.

2. They understand that they are here for a reason and expect you to understand that too!

3. They are aware of their worth.

4. They don’t settle for absolute authority, or
having no choices. The educational or hierarchical systems are good examples of that.

5. Indigo children can’t follow the same rules we did as children. They are rebellious.

6. They believe that everything should be given creative thought and don’t fit into strict systems.

7. Usually are quiet because they feel misunderstood and lost, unless they are with other indigos.

8. Trying to scare these children with old control methods like – “Wait till your father gets home” has no effect on them.

9. It’s important their personal needs to be fulfilled. Music, art, culture…


10. Determinate

11. Stubborn

12. Have creative touch for music, poetry, art, jewelry making, etc.

13. Fond to addictions

14. An old soul, as if they are “13 going on 30”



15. Possibility of seeing angels, dead people, or other types of energies.

16. They are psychic and very intuitive, always wanting to help.

17. Get easily bored

18. Are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

19. Prone to nightmares, insomnia, restless sleep or difficulty of falling asleep.

20. Having attempts or thoughts of suicide.

21. Are often depressed, Introverts…

22. Seek for true, loyal friends and lasting friendships.

23. Easily bond with plants or animals, loves nature…

24. They may be constantly asking for money but they are proud and independent.

25. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting – out through fragile introversion.


Having 14 or more of these may be a sign that you are an indigo. From 11 – 13 it may be a sign that you are an indigo in training. If you are an adult with these signs you might be a lightworker.

Do not abuse or drug these children!

Nurture them and help them express their gifts in the physical WORLD! Even if you don’t understand them!