Long Beach Rolling 20 Crips Just Kicked Snoop Dogg off the Hood


Rapper Snoop Dog was THREATENED . .. and then FORCED TO LEAVE the town of Long Beach Plus it was the neighborhood CRIPS gang people that throw him out of city.They approached Snoop and made it clear he had to bounce before things got “heat’d.”

Talk of the Streets TVposted on FaceBook:

“Long Beach Rolling 20 Crips just kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood.”

“Snoop just rolled through the hood and s**t, down Martin Luther King…about 3 or 4 cars deep with security, trying to show his presence,” Crischon says, “The homies were ready to blow his a**…They straight kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood.”
The beef comes from Snoop claiming LBC and dropping Crips references on his tracks, but not paying royalties to Rolling 20s. “This gang banging s**t is real. It ain’t Hollywood, and all that s**t n***a talk about during the songs,” Corde says in his post, “He ain’t live that s**t.”

“They really want their money though. N***a claiming hood, claiming rolling 20 Crip…the homies want their kickback for that s**t.”
Snoop may need to avoid LBC for a while until he begins paying these guys.