Questioning Existence



I have been asking the same question for myself.

What do you love to do?
How do you help others?
What’s your preferred modalities of self expression?

Who in your life is ready for (slightly) challenging ideas, you can share with…? Are there insights that you could stretch some people’s realities with a little more?

Who could you assist in increasing their consciousness?

I’m often called to address large audiences yet the most challenging lectures and discussions I’m faced with, are with individuals in my personal life.

Yet, we’re already in alignment with a higher perspective, practicing a higher consciousness. There’s many who live in continuous fear, denial of themselves, denial of their divinity, denial of the obvious conditions of the corporate elite’s regime, denial of the extreme conditions of this world for the masses…
Sometimes opening just one person’s eyes to even one thing… can put a wave in motion, that can turn to the tidal wave that washes clean the traumas of the past and present, lubricating the coming of this future!

I guess, when you’re called to go big, shine, shine, shine!!! When you’re called to work small, give it your all with the stubborn individual who might be sitting next to you, blowing off the obvious.

The other question that popped into my head was:
“What part do you want to play?”