The Ark of the Covenant


The Ark of the Covenant,
Facts vs Myths
Judaism or Djehuti Mysticism?

“Auset Ra ELite Æthiopian ALkmist

When Hebrews want to convince me they built the Pyramids by forced labor and that they hold the Ark of the Covenant, but they don’t have a Hebrew stone or bone to prove they ever even existed. Then they turn around and send me drawn images of white men in a Temple not built using the Sacred Geometry of Pi/Phi like the Æthiopian ALkemist used to build the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain, and the White House in Washington D.C., or the Pyramids across the planet, or Stone Hedge and The Stone Heads on Easter Island which are aligned with the Pyramid at Giza.

Then once I can tell they don’t know the electromagnetic mechanics of the Ark as a super conductor / capacitor used in the Pyramids, I automatically know I’m listening to a Superstitious, Dogmatic, Spook God Fearing’, Kebra Negast or King James kissin’ fanatic who believes everything they read in the Bible is actual, factual and literal, which tell’s me I’m waisting my precious time. I have to shake my head and laugh at how far from the truth these bone head Babylonians are. As they continue to Babel-On, reaching for the Most High “in the sky”, speaking in confused tongues because they haven’t any etymology.

In the Hebrew Bible, in Solomon’s Temple, the placement of the Ark is ridiculously out of context. The Hebrew temple is not built over the necessary Delta/Aquifer of negative charged ions or built in the sophistication of Tesla’s Tower or better yet, The Meroic Cushite Pyramids in Nubia, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, China, Indonesia etc.

In the same story, Moses is instructed to not worship any Idols / Engraved Images, Moses is instructed to build an Ark to be worshiped, which is an oxymoron. Believers in Oxymorons are technically considered Orthodox Morons. What was to be placed in the Ark for protection was the ‘2 Tablets’ the “10 Commandments” were engraved on, which are ‘2 Tablets’ identical to the ‘Crown of Amun’ which also represent the L.brain and the R.brain. It is said that YHVH authored the ‘2 Tablets’, but what they know as YHVH we know as THTH or Thought (Electromagnetic {Brain}Wave) authorizing the L&R Brain, the Cerebrum = Cherubim.

However, the Pyramid is the true authentic Temple of Solomon replicating the biological Temple of Man. In the Pyramid, The Ark is a device used to store an electric charge consisting of one or more pairs of conductors separated by an insulator used to channel energy and it sits in the ‘Kings Chamber’.

The piece of skull structure in the collage resembling extended Wings is called the Sphenoid Bone. The scarlet high lit area of the Brain in the collage that is protected by the Sphenoid Bone is called the Thalamus. The Thalamus, just like the Ark, channels energy in the center of the brain relaying sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, and regulates consciousness, sleep, and alertness; The Box of Ra, The Seat of Amun; The Hidden One. Location of The Inward Higher Celestial Self.

What it truly means to be a Hebrew Israelite, is to know the mysteries of these scrambled tainted text. Meaning if you knew, You would know it’s all Khametic/Hamitic non-semitic. The original authors of the Hebrew Text were either Pretenders who sloppily plagiarized the Biblical Scripture, or they were Remnants of the original people of Canaan and Mizraim / Phoenicians and Egyptians who preserved their Science and Beliefs in esoteric apocrypha to purposefully confuse anyone who reads it and are not learned in the ancient wisdom of the Nile Valley Hapi Natives.. Or, during the Assyrian Babylonian & Graeco Roman rule, the information was purposely tainted by these opposing Empires.

However, when the Abyssinians say they hold the Ark but don’t know efficient math and science of the Ankh and Pyramid, it is safe to assume, they are only perpetuating fairy tales, and this goes for all the other so-called Hebrews who feel like Indiana Jones, but are not producing wireless energy on a societal level.

You don’t have to search for the L1ght because You are the L1ght! Amun is the Electrical Wave with in your Ra (3rd Eye), Hidden in the control center called the Thalamus aka The King’s Chamber.

Master Your OWN “Ch’i. To breathe is to connect the Body and the Mind. The Brain needs plenty of Oxygen, Air + Ether = Spirit, and Alkalized Electric Foods. Increase your awareness, channel your energy.”

Know Thyself and You will know The Universe and GOD.