The Whole Orlando Shooting is a Dark CIA Black OPS


Let us break a news to you…

This snake Mateen Siddiqui is the father of Orlando killer who slaughtered 100 in US last night.
This man, an Afghan, is a hardcore CIA asset and was told that he would be the future Afghan President. He is a rabid anti-Pakistan, pro-TTP, pro-India, CIA agent and wants to divide Pakistan.
His son Ahmed Mateen was also working for CIA private contractors G4S, a private army fighting in Middle East against Muslims..
Both father and son worked for CIA and the son carried out the slaughter, reportedly.

He is not DEAD! Have you seen a pic of him at all? Any surveillance video of him entering the club? Or even in the club…..? Because I haven’t!
All the pics of Omar Mateen are from his myspace account…. Why do they not have any recent pics of him?
If he was a repeat patron of club Pulse, then where are the surveillance videos? Where is the surveillance videos from the “gun” shop he bought the gun at last week?
His drivers license photo was showed, but it expires in 2012 so the pic was probably much older than that…. It’s easy for the CIA to put their operative in protected custody or give them a new identity if no one has seen a recent picture of him…
Just think about that!

KC Cain

Karla Brunsen