What Happens When You Quit Your Job

You know when you quit your job and most of the time you can’t wait to leave that place or sometimes you are sad, because you had a good team? Well…this is the second situation. One of this girls is moving to another state, so her bosses (Andrea and Dave) and her team, decided to surprise her with a “good bye” party at Disney. She is originally from Romania and she moved here 8 years ago. One of her big dreams was to see Disney park so her boss got matching t-shits and Minnie headbands and took the girls there. She got the hotel, the car, diner reservation so they can take pictures with a few characters. Cornelia Elena was the manager for Karma Seven Day Spa in Plantation, Florida and she said “My job wasn’t just a job, it was a family and like in any other family, we had good days, bad days, we did charity together, we had Christmas parties, Girls night outs, baby showers, bridal showers …you name it, we had it all and at the end of the day we took care of each other. I learned FROM them and WITH them. I will miss them so much and I can’t thank them enough”
What a great place to work for!
So what happens when you quit? They take you to Disney.

The trip wasn’t just for her, but also for all the front desk girls as an appreciation, including Wendy who couldn’t join the team, but because she is such a Frozen fan, the girls thought to surprise her, singing “Let it Go” just for her and practicing for next week karaoke party. Let’s hope we get that video too….who knows what this girls will do ?

Cornelia V