Where Does All the Money GO? Inside NASA’s “Black Budget”


They say that all this money that the defense budget has been spending since the late 50s has been because of the secret space program. The cilvilian space program that we see on television is fake.


The real one has been to Mars and the moon since late 50s and early 60s. They have built all kinds of stuff there in both places (the Total Recall movie with Arnold Schwartzenegger is based off of this). They have been doing business with off world entities since Eisenhower’s time. And the technologies have not been making their way to the general public except in very stripped down versions.There are several life extension drugs, several cure-all drugs too that they won’t allow to be made public because doctors and the pharmaceutical industry would not profit.

Remember how when we first found out how much it cost to build a jet or an aircraft carrier and we looked at the parts list and maybe a screw or a bolt cost something crazy like $11.00? And they explained it away by saying they paid a contracter ‘x’ amount and that the final product was under budget and since the money was allotted they had to spend it and show that every penny was used so they ‘upcharged pieces just to show the budget was spent. Well, BS! We knew back then that it didn’t sound right at first, but we bit the bait and continued to sleep until now.