White Slavery in America


This is a stretch. Arguably an indentured servant is still a slave but selling one’s labor for a term in exchange for passage was done by choice. This constitutes a repulsive but voluntary agreement.

This reason this meme was put up is because whites feel the need to attempt to minimalize a historical fact that defies a largely propagandized narrative teaching generations anything but the truth about the African slave trade. The argument is usually: “Well my Irish descendants were slaves too.”

“Ehm…” Your Irish descendants had a choice, African descendants didn’t. They could have stayed in Ireland if they couldn’t afford passage and didn’t want to spend 7 years making restitution. Africans on the losing side of tribal wars were rounded up and taken to seaside garrisons for either money, or the benefit of not having to compete with a nearby tribe for resources.

Either way no one asked them if they wanted to come to America and engage in cradle to grave slavery.

“But my family didn’t own slaves…” Good for them. However I’m sure you’ll agree that your descendants either benefitted from the following:
1) Jim Crow Laws that legally disenfranchised Blacks after they were freed.

2) Redlining of benefits, and favorable labor laws that disenfranchised blacks during the Progressive Era.

3) Block grants that built the infrastructure that directed a majority of poor whites to the suburbs, and poor blacks to the ghettos.

4) Any government policy that coincidentally targeted folks already reduced to lower human capital as a result of any of the above policies.