Why are Native Americans Left Out?

Furthermore than leaving Latinos and gays out of national narratives, Native Americans are the MOST left out. To this day.

WE CARE and it HURTS that no one has ever cared if Native Americans live or die except to wear the fashions and quote out wisdom and views.
Yet the Constitution of the U.S. was framed after the Algonquin Nations…. And democracy was framed off of their governing system. NOT Rome or Greece as is commonly erroneously believed.
It is a misstatement of fact. Just because there’s a new tragedy doesn’t mean we re-write and edit factual history to suit the current narrative!


And Wounded knee was the factual historically accurate “worst shooting massacre in U.S. History.” The 1800s massacre. (Not the AIM vs GOONs/U.S. Feds 1970s hold out.)

We don’t even have a “Never forget Wounded Knee” day, week, Anything…
Ohhhh seeee…. AHHHH HAAAA….!
There’s not even one,
Blanket politically correct “token”
“day of Native American Holocaust Remembrance” which combines all the horrors and killing of of over HALF of our entire RACE…
Notice the problem?


How about
“This is the worst American mass shooting massacre to occur in almost 200 years on American soil, since the Wounded Knee Massacre…”
And for the record – almost ALL Native Nations actually viewed any LGBT person as not only perfectly fine and not a weirdo, but revered them as wisdom keepers and sacred people who carry the balance of male and female energies within them. They were sacred “two spirits” people. (yessss actually- transgender people existed with their communities acknowledging and respecting their identities!! Fully!!)

So I guess for many Natives the entire culture that has contributed to every single one of these massacres of innocent people is SO ABSOLUTELY FOREIGN and MIND-BLOWING, that perhaps we Native people who try & follow our Red Road customs and conduct ourselves traditionally, maybe we all lump it all together a little bit as “that craziness out there”- that chaos mess – that’s how we label it, usually with a waving hand gesture high in the air signifying its strangeness and how it baffles us- and often while we are hankered down with our own and the smell of sage n sweet grass n cedar fill the air while we laugh n talk and connect over good coffee and food. =)

Our only acts of War were very planned out and followed fair warning to enemy nations that we’d be looming….
It was entirely unheard of to ever attack our own nation’s people or our fellow encampment or village family/community members….

The TRUE problem is the “lookin out for #1” mentality that has overtaken much of the world.