My mantra ↓
I do not wish to call myself wise, smart, knowledgeable, because these descriptives along with all others are a separation. You see if there is wise, there must also be unwise, if there is smart there must be dumb, if there is rich there must also be poor. I will tell you the title I prefer, “I AM A HUMAN BEING EXPERIENCING WHAT A HUMAN BEING IS ALWAYS MEANT TO EXPERIENCE” Quite long right? Well do you see any separation in that title? I can tell you will not. There is no separation. Tell me, what is there not for a human being to experience? If you experience something you are MEANT to experience it. If you move mountains, you were always meant to move those mountains. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT THE HUMAN BEING COULD EXPERIENCE THEREFORE, NO SEPARATION.

Roger Griffith