Words From My SOUL


I am not trying to make people believe anything or looking to be judged, Just wanting to find good friends with wisdom so maybe we can help each other, so I put together a collective of my experiences which 90% of the time had witnesses seeing and experiencing the same thing, and I put a story up of the origin of the bloodlines that rule over us and call themselves by many names!

Which can be proven and also a collection of stories that can be proven how they are poisoning all of us! I wasn’t looking for a philosophical discussion or an opinion about what you believe or I believe ! I am giving information and links for people I love on here to enlighten them , so they can spread the truth about how they are poisoning us, spraying crap on us, messing with our minds, using advanced technology and genetic poisons! To show the ones who understand we are all in a fight for our lives and sanity!

Our children, family, friends, country and planet are in danger! I am not wanting to argue about god, or your opinions on drama or what you think about this or that, I am trying to give you weapons of knowledge to help me and others and yourself fight and take on this evil ruling over us and this earth!

There is a certain genetic traight to a few that understand what I am trying to say! And they know who they are!, to dwell on yourself or your opinions or drama is pointless! And any trying to disprove this, are either working for those against us, are controlled sheeple being used by them, or are ignorant and stuck in their own Egoic servitude or are in fear and denial and usually just respond in anger or act like the truth is bothersome!


To do anything besides care about the truth and spreading it and want to fight for the children, earth, family, friends, country and your own freedom and soul is why all should unite together Until it is fixed, I will try and unite all on the truth of our rulers, their intentions, their plans, their sick murdering blood drinking demon worshipping black magic child sacrificing ways and their underground genetic abominations, clones, soulless slaves and their use of advanced technology to make most a puppet in their own Egoic self serving minds has been proven to me 100 times over!

And if people would get into their heart and connect to the light of their soul and have faith in their souls truth and then took the time to go through my post’s and it’s links, then they would be led by their own common sense research to the truth of the danger this earth, the children, your family, your friends and your own soul is in!

This is not to say that your own soul can’t move beyond this nightmare with enough faith, strength, wisdom and knowledge! And then you would know how to break out of their evil net they have cast over this planet trapping us all like rats! I have left and came back three times, I choose to fight for the children, my family, my friends, this earth and all souls because I truly love them all so much!


It says the truth will set you free! Not that ignorance will set you free! It says my people perish for lack of knowledge, not stupidity will give you life!

Yes to not give in and to fight against the evil that rules this world is dangerous and I promise you once you get into your heart and out of your head, it will be a battle, and to start thinking with your heart and not your head, that you will quickly see the truth of how they manipulate your mind, your dreams, your thoughts, your reality and every aspect of your life!

And you will easily see all the games they play, and learn to reverse it back on them easily! They believe us to be ignorant and less worth than cattle and laugh as they use us like pawns and slaves! And once you understand this, and they see you are awake and not falling for their tricks anymore, they will first try and recruit you, then threaten you if you don’t join, then they will do everything to try and break you, causing a lot to take their own life sadly! then they will attack all you love , and take everything you have and if that don’t work they will take your health, and if you become to dangerous to them they may take you out, but you can avoid this with faith and trust in your divine will and divine friends!

If you are not strong enough and don’t have enough faith in your team of the ones fighting with you that love you, you may fail , but always remember you are eternal and death is not an end, we are spiritual beings of light in flesh bodies!

My friends that know, know who they are and can hear me and feel me now, just know I love you and we can do this, I got your back and trust you have mine always no matter where we find ourselves!

If you just play along as usual, And if you die or they take your life and try to memory wipe you and send you back into this nightmare! Just try and remember what I said and pay attention, if when you die you are scared, call out to Jesus with love from your heart and he will feel you are sincere and truly believe and he will save you!

Their is no harm in knowing this or loving Jesus! Now with all that said, I would like to say I love all of you, and would love to fight side beside and back to back with you for the rest of eternity! But first we need to save this planet and every loving creation on it, starting with the underground and the children that are right now experiencing terror at the hands of the dark hearted for a dark cause, and to get the truth out about this and their poisons, plans and technology, keeping most fighting each other using disinformation mind games, funding both sides and using their race bating divide and conquer strategies that tricks both sides! Their playbook of evil the Talmud is what teaches them to play all of us as fools!

No more fear, ignorance is not bliss, faith without works is dead, idol hands are the devils workplace and their spoon fed lies are not truth!

We are powerful light beings that are eternal and have many gifts that lay dormant inside, get into your heart, connect to the power and love of creation that makes your heart beat! Then look for truth with the eyes of your soul, trust in the beautiful energy that powers all of creation, understand how the dark ones fear you!



Believe in the strength given to you by divine right, begin to understand that the real truth is within you and that they truly fear you! Then you can begin to save others from their weaknesses, and they will see the enemies dark ways! Then I promise you, that you will feel a love like no other, you will begin to feel your divine family who loves you all around you! You will begin to see your purpose and the immensity of how huge the universe is and the infinite number of realities, and many will start to join together for our true purpose, which is true love for each other and this planet! then you will see how important every soul is and why they try so hard to control us and cause so much death, suffering, pain, lust, envy, spite, arrogance, pride, hate, jealousy, etc and work so hard to control us and keep us down trying to control us in every way, they hate us and are trying hard to figure out a way to have the light and love we have laying dormant only serving their god that money refers to when it says in god we trust!

If you truly want to help, research the ones doing this to us, turn your loving light on them and reveal them hiding in the dark, I have been doing this for years, only over the last 2 years have I started to not feel alone on this planet!

But I don’t feel alone anymore, I have many beautiful strong friends now! And every ounce of my being is dedicated to showing everyone the true love that’s inside of themselves and me! The more we grow and all join together and unite in our hearts, the more that connection to grace and truth will grow! And all our lights will shine eternal like the stars in other worlds that need our help! Help me tell others that their heart light’s shine is eternal and that they have many friends and family and are not alone, there is no more reason to deny this love out of fear anymore and that ignorance in the age of information makes no sense!
And that Egoic pride or the old lies told by the father of them doesn’t work anymore and the time of wisdom and common sense is here and that the male and female divines time to stand equal back to back against the darkness of this world has come!!