10 Reason Why Not To Trust Facebook


With over 1.5 billion people using Facebook in 2016, the social network has become the superpower of the social media landscape. With power comes responsibility and Facebook has sadly been responsibly for some unethical revelations!

1.Facebook for President.
in May 2016 former Facebook staff alleged that they were encouraged to exclude conservative news from the site’s “trending” section

2.Withdrawal Symptoms.
in 2016 Facebook admitted that it had secretly run psychological test on 20% of its users.

3.Money Grabbing Scams.
A 2014 investigation by the Next Web revealed that between 67 and 137 million Facebook accounts are either fake or duplicates.

4.Facebook Ad Campaign.
Unknown to most of us, any personal data users upload can be used as part of a Facebook ad.

5.Facial Recognition
Facebook facial recognition tool uses advanced algorithm to identify users based on uploaded photographs.

6. Shady MasterCard Deal
in 214 Facebook signed a two year deal with MasterCard that gives the credit card company access to Facebook users information.

7.Manipulating Reactions
in 2016 Facebook responded to demand for a “dislike” button with its “reactions” facility.

8. Facebook Stalker
Every time someone uses Facebook, the social media site collects the user`s browser and internet history without seeking consent.

9.Social Depressant
In 2012 Facebook conducted a secret experiment to manipulate the feelings of almost 700.000 users

10. Osama Alert
Government agencies pay Facebook millions of dollars each year to secretly hand over user information.