America is Mirroring Nazi Germany!


If the current state of affairs does NOT concern you, then you are NOT paying attention, probably playing Pokemon GO or watching Netflix…. All this is starting to look allot like NAZI Germany! The HATE and Racism, the political divide and all-around idiocracy…. The staged shootings, and FALSE FLAG Attacks… The monopoly on the media and information pushed to shape public opinions…. The complete lack of accountability or justice for our public servant’s Crimes! The FACT we have a misogynistic bigot and WAR mongering Criminal as our TOP “choices” as a leader! Now add in the control, and dumbing down of the educational systems… Extreme wealth inequality! The Banks Crashing, and participating in faulty loan, finance, and banking practices….

The massive amounts of distraction from reality by the majority of the population…. And the SHEEP like followers of orders and authority! We are in for one hell of a ride! Grab your guns! Get to know your neighbors! The souls around you will be your biggest allies in the near future! The police will be overrun and useless! Only a matter of time before they bring in UN troops and armed FEMA personnel… But guess what they are already HERE! What does that tell you? If you haven’t been asking these questions, by all means go back to playing Pokemon GO, and forget all about this message!
Make no mistake we live in a police state with militarized police officers trained to kill, and profit off of the public. This is all by design, and orchestrated to push an Agenda… An Agenda which has ruled this world since before the Pyramids were built. Divide, conquer, suppress and squash anything that brings people together! Profit off of misery and death… Ever notice when a gathering gets going really amazing, the police show up? “We are SLAVES, born into this bondage.”

This is SPIRITUAL warfare, on a multidimensional scale. Now listen to me… its time to come together. ITS TIME. The wait is over. Unless you start treating people with respect, expect more of the same. LOVE is the only answer. These people are trained with fear and intimidation, and WE Will Educate this WORLD with LOVE.
So rise up, with compassion, with gifts, with your HEARTS… Rise up with community strength, and education of life’s essential skills. Like where and how to find clean drinking water, and how to grow food! We all will Not be able to have cows and other meat products, so get used to a more vegan diet! Its better for you anyways! We must create new communities and create the bridge to ending the monetary system, specifically the fractional reserve banking system. You realize that the police force is profiteering off the public right? We need YOUR IDEAS!