Awakening 101


The beauty of this Awakening is standing at the intersection of all these paths Each one of us follow. This Awakening is a super highway towards higher consciousness.


We all “teach” differently, not all of us will tag with every picture, or post detailed information or captions, some will, I hope your part of the “some” that will…. The idea is not to always give information in laymen terms but to bombard your subconscious with symbols and verbiage that will rattle the cage of your sleeping serpent.


Your journey is half the battle, there is beauty in walking the path yourself, Consuming information in your own hands, meditating on your own thoughts, with your own breath, Finding your own TRUTH <3


Living and learning for yourself is learning and Living for ALL. The Idea of separation is OVER, we are all ONE Energy Stream, WE ARE ALL ONE! Expand into LOVE and the TRUTH will Reveal itself to YOU 😉