Dallas Gets its First False Flag!

First, here is the ad in which the van was being sold:

Here is the exact same van being used during the attack!


The suspects left that scene at the headquarters and took off down the street where they could stage yet another exciting scene and this one, just like the Charlie Hebdo shootouts as well as the street scene shootout with the suspects in the Boston Bombing, just happened to have a person on a roof with a camera who filmed the whole thing.

What a coincidence. Lots of people hanging out on rooftops these days. Remember the “dancing Israelis” that conveniently filmed the entirety of 9/11. Last time I checked most roof access is locked….

And it turns out, there was another photographer up on the roof across the side street from the “DJ” on his roof. He took pics as well.

A multi-angle shoot. Just like Hollywood.

The shooter is supposedly a guy by the name of (James Boulware)THE first name reported, yet Now “they” Claim “Micah Xavier Johnson” . He supposedly spoke with the police via a cell phone and told them that he was pissed because they took away his kids and called him a “terrorist”. Remember Orlando? Omar Mateen apparently called 911 too, but don’t expect to hear a recording of this call HAHA! There seems to be some kind of arrest history for the guy by that name for threatening to go on a shooting spree. Same with Dillon Rouf(Charleston church massacre) as well as Omar Mateen(OrlandoPULSE) hell they even said the same about the SANDYHOOK SHOOTER!

Of course, he has access to semi-automatic assault rifles (they want to ban them)(Aswell as SELL more of them), body armor (they want to keep us from having that as well) and somehow got his hands on this surplus armored SWAT van.

“His family told police Boulware had recently made comments about “shooting up schools and churches.”

Let’s see how many agendas this guy falls under:

He attacked the police at a time when it’s being reported that cops have killed 500 people this year already.
He hates the Jews and Christians alike.
A history of mental illness. God knows Bloomberg wants those national mental hygiene laws passed.
A history of belligerence on the internet (possibly “radicalized” by the web?) ALL WHICH IS EASILY FABRICATED!
oh yeah… and he took the time somehow to plant 4 bombs all around the headquarters of a highly surveillanced building.
guy has been on police / law enforcement radar since 2013
So “he/they” shot out a bunch of windows at the police department hitting no one.


And this is a pic of where one of the “bombs’ went off in the parking lot.


Now, in just the first days of July, two black men were gunned down by police and two high quality videos of it were streamed or immediately posted to the internet and immediately goes super Viral…

Black Lives Matter protests sprung up nearly instantaneously…. And in the case of Dallas, a sniper or snipers quickly deployed and began killing police.

Rather than deploying their own SWAT team to try to take out the sniper, the police decided to send countless police cars in to the area of the building, where they sat as sitting ducks.

Then, according to the police, they negotiated with him for a few hours while he told them he wanted to kill WHITE cops.

They then sent a robot up to the building with a bomb and blew him up. Conveniently is ID survived the explosion unscathed much like the passports on 9/11, or OMAR Mateens gun permit…..

I am not going so far as to say this was certainly a false flag attack nor that this was part of the BLM plans that were leaked during the hack of their main leaders accounts last month…

But this does have all the trappings of a typical false flag attack and meets every checkbox on the governmental agenda.

The shooter? He was former military. Check. They’ve already been pronounced to be probable terrorist suspects.

He claimed, according to the police, to hate white people. Check. Race war incitement.

And he used an “assault riffle” to carry out the act. Check. Gun control agenda.

Don’t forget too that BLM is indirectly funded by George Soros, the king of funding and creating riots, coups and regime changes. And, he’s been known to employ snipers to cause chaos, as they did in the Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media headlines repeat the same theme, “The deadliest single incident for US law enforcement since September 11, 2001.”

This, to trigger the American public to recall the events surrounding 9/11, which was also a false flag attack. People in a state of fear are highly suggestable and can be easily manipulated and controlled.


As more information becomes available, I will update this post. PLEASE SHARE THE WHOLE ARTICLE AND NOT JUST ONE PIC!