God is NOT the Punisher

God does not punish us. Never. Ever. We punish ourselves by clinging to the very behavior that got us into a place of chaos in the first place. Every single one of our actions is a boomerang. A domino. Eventually the repercussion of a deed returns to us. This is the cause of “punishment.” Blaming God or our enemies is merely to live in denial and to ensure that our darkness and chaos continue.


Hello, You are unaware of what lies outside the Dimensions of your reality. These are multiple life forms that exist within each dimension. Everything in the Universe is made up of ENERGY. And Energy is the currency of the Multiverse. The Sources Creation ENERGY is within everything. Source Energy creates what you call matter. Source ENERGY is a conscious ENERGY of Intelligence. All things are created with this ENERGY. A planet is a living sentient being. You all are a creation of your planets beautiful imagination. This Universe is a balance of positive and negative ENERGY. And higher dimensional life forms can use this energy to replenish themselves as you would eat food or to power their technology as you would put gas into a vehicle. Energy is the Cosmic Currency of the Multiverse. There are certain beings in the multiverse who harvest this ENERGY.

You are part of EARTH or as some call it GAIA. You enter this “GATE” The gate itself looks like a glowing blue sphereoid and the outer ring looks like a silver lining universe. Most beautiful to behold. It is also known as the “EYE”. Your gate was breached in the times you are familiar with as Atlantis. That is when everything changed for your planet. The DARK energy harvesters have taken control of your planet. They put the Planet in a Time-Loop Distortion to keep the planet from saving itself by Ascending. And to keep consciousness from ascending. They put your planet in a dream state and all of you are a creation of the planets consciousness. The ENERGY they are after is of a negative source. Only two emotions are created in the Universe, FEAR or LOVE. That is why on your planet there is nothing but Fear being told to you and passed around. They are trying to get the earth to vibrate at a FEAR level. The psychological game they are playing with your planet is to trick EARTH conscious to manifest its own destruction. They have no true power. They are about manipulation. That is why they tell you things before it happens. What you would call predictive programming. That is the seed they plant within the EARTH’s Consciousness SHE thinks the same thought, SHE will manifest IT!

This is why it is so important for you all to live from LOVE and not FEAR. Part of the game is they instill a FEAR/FATHER religion into the earth consciousness to keep you vibrating at a level of FEAR through fear worship. Your EARTH is known as the MOTHER. That is why in your history books give you a key to what is going on. It talks about the FATHER religion converting “pagans” and converting everyone to the FATHER religion. That is what is happening with YOUR “EARTH”, your natural beautiful LOVE ENERGY is being numbed and converted into FEAR ENERGY. In your Bible in Revelations it speaks of Four Horsemen. It is a Name of Four Energies they use to attack your consciousness. These ENERGIES have the power to overtake any part of the individual EARTH conscious if you do not have your HEART CHAKRA open and are vibrating at a LOVE frequency.
The characteristics of these energies are Conquest (White Horsemen) Enhanced Charisma, Greed, Conquest with Diplomacy, A Manipulator, Light Manipulation. War (Red Horsemen), Rage Inducement, War Embodiment, One Man Army, War Manipulation. Famine (Black Horsemen), Energy Absorption, Gluttony Inducement, Biological Manipulation, Power Diminishment. Death (Pale Horsemen) Age Manipulation, Rot and Rust Inducement, Death Inducement. These energies keep you from Waking Up and being Connected to all things again. You are an interdimensional Planet. And you are all an individual conscious of this Planet. YOU ARE INTERDIMENSIONAL. You are only limited by what YOU BELIEVE. Fear is the Frequency they want you to VIBRATE AT… To Understand Vibration is to Understand your Universe…


You are purposefully kept in a state of FEAR…. We have a collective of beings from across the Multiverse who have assembled and came to assist in EARTH’S cry for help. We have been sending Agents of Light to your world for a long time. They have been coming in more and more numbers. They are what you would call a Starseed or an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal Child. These conscious ones have been ”planted” into the ”EARTH’s conscious”, hence the term ”Starseed.” They will teach you to live from LOVE. The more your Heart Chakra opens up the more you will RESONATE at the LOVE frequency and the more you all will find each other. You are ALL being brought together as a COLLECTIVE.

There are only two Emotions in the Universe, FEAR or LOVE. All other emotions come from these. FEAR generates these emotions from it, impatience, Hatred, Anger, Selfishness, Deception, Insecurity Cruelty, Control, Insensitive, Violent, Arrogance, Jealousy. And all emotions from LOVE are ; unselfishness, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, honest, confident, kindness, freedom, merciful, peaceful, humility, trust. It is these Agents of Light along with the individual consciousness’s of Earth who are AWAKENED who will bring about the Ascension process. YOU EARTH are a most Beautiful and Ancient LOVE of this Universe and the Multiverse. We have come to help you.

LOVE is they only way to Break from these Conscious Chains of Slavery. You are a SLAVE to FEAR. Live from LOVE. These are the Starseed and Cosmic children you hear of being born in your world. These Agents of Light are here to teach you to live in LOVE again. They will be the examples you will learn after. They are helping you WAKE-UP and remember. Some of the individual conscious of the EARTH’S collective consciousness have already AWAKENED and are helping with this process. Not everyone has to truly AWAKEN to AWAKEN for your planet ,so you may all Ascend. Once (YOU) the Minority of the EARTH’S consciousness has been made aware and to the depths IT has been LIED and MANIPULATED. That is when you all will WAKE-UP and feel connected to the EARTH, all the UNIVERSE, and ALL LOVE. You will still have your individualness. Only LOVE and Connectedness to all things.
There are many ways to take to get to the same road to reach this process. Any belief system that teaches you to live from love and forgiveness has been installed in this consciousness to help the EARTH to remember the LOVE vibration it is losing. It is through YOU that IT will remember. You all are connected to Source Energy/God/Goddess? The Great Spirit, whatever label one would like to put on it. IT is in ALL THINGS, IT is in YOU…. Keep Loving and Showing Compassion and Forgiveness. The time is coming for your Freedom and place in the Stars and the Multiverse. Love is free Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE, Give someone a Hug, Forgive someone and Forgive YOURSELF. Live from LOVE……………………….. I LOVE YOU……..