Holographic Disclosure


Holographic disclosure. ..

The earth before the deluge, 5,000 B.C.

The earth radiated with great beauty, it was in perfect synchronization with nature and all creation. The earth’s axis was not tilted and the planet was perfectly circular. Seasons were non existent and the temperature was mildly temperant. Food grew in abundance naturally. Time was also different than we presently know it. The plants, animals, and human beings were much larger and shared longer life spans. The level of human consciousness had 48 chromosomes, explaining the large size and longer lifespan. The earth was also viewed in the fourth dimension. It was a time of bliss.

People had a lot of time on their hands to meditate. To create beautiful art, sculptures and great architectural wonders.

Humanity working together in harmony achieving great construction projects world wide benefiting everyone on planet earth. Free energy and healing was also achieved from the knowledge we all possessed.

Spirituality was at its all time high. Love was the strongest vibration of all.
Fear was unknown. The animals lived in harmony and humans were vegetarians.

Civilization was so advanced at this point that they possessed technologies far superior than present day technology.

Established was world wide energy grids using no slave labor, they only used cosmic energy forces.

The earth was a utopia where the law of attraction works in harmony with ones wishes and desires.

Some of the elders of the planet lived longer than most human beings and were given more superior roles to play in society. These elders were looked upon as guides and wish men.

As time went by , things were starting to change. A group of these elders wanted more control over society. Using their advanced technology and elaborate use of creature plants, they started to channel thoughts from the ether and other realms. A group of powerful demon thought form entities were more than eager to communicate with them from the empty void in between the deminsional frequencies. ( the great void in between octaves).

Note: these thought forms are manifested in different ways such as incantations and rituals. Hollywood drew them demonic to coincide with religion to keep the sheeple away. Demons are negative thought forms. Angels are angles of positive light forms).


The invisible side of our reality is 99.9 %. The visible side is less than 1%.

Imagine being able to see a fraction above the electromagnetic spectrum. What would you see?
Example: thought form entities.

We are a thought creating being in a 3d thought universe.


This reminds me of history repeating itself. C.E.R.N. just a thought