Inner Beauty – Body Painting NYC 2016


Bodypainting Day is a public art event in which a select group of talented artists paint on the bodies of nude models over a 4 hour period in full public view and is a non-commercial event. It started in 2014 in New York City and was founded by artist Andy Golub, who has been painting bodies in the public streets of NYC since 2007 and now the festival has two more locations in Amsterdam and of San Francisco.The main reason is to promote human connection through art, to accept each other and ourselves in all of our various shapes and sizes.

This year’s theme “Inner Beauty” challenges artists to seek what is on the inside of their model to inspire a painting on the outside, giving them the opportunity to embrace themselves and to use their bodies to become living art. The models are ordinary people, ranging in age, size and gender, since the perception of the human form is twisted by advertising and the media, which is the source of anxiety for so many of us.
By holding the event as a full nude event, they remove the shame often associated with our bodies and show the distinction between nudity and sexuality.

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