Is There a Paranormal Activity in the Bible ?


Science and religion today are often thought of as completely different and even opposite disciplines. Paranormal studies are sometimes classified as a branch of science or as a separate subject. This was not always so. The religious texts of the Christian old Testament are full of interesting accounts that could be interpreted as paranormal.

The most famous account comes from a verse in Genesis. Gen 6, 4 “At that time the Nephilium appeared on the earth, after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.”

Who were “the sons of heaven” who took wives from among early people? There are several competing theories. The literal translation is closest to “celestial beings”. This has led to the belief that aliens and humans coexisted on this planet for centuries. The alien human cross breed is thought to be the Nephilium that show up in other places in the Bible. The most famous example is Goliath. He was described as being over nine feet tall, massively strong and athletic. This seems to support the theory of a hybrid race that was much taller and stronger than their peers. This idea has been proposed to explain many things such as the methods of building the enormous pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge and the faces of Easter Island. Some believe they were built by the aliens themselves using advanced technology. Some believe the aliens or their offspring gave people the knowledge and materials needed to accomplish these monumental tasks. The knowledge is thought to have died with the builders, or live on in privileged groups such as the illuminati, freemasons or Knights Templar.

A competing theory involves fallen angels. Gen 6, 2 says ” The sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.” Some would argue this refers to angels forsaking their place in heaven to take up lives with human women. The following verses explain how this greatly angered God. It was at that time that the lifespan of men shortened from hundreds of years to less than 120. God was so upset by the behavior of the fallen and their mates He limited their lives.

These ideas are not new. Scientists and clerics alike have studied and wondered at these passages for centuries. What makes them so important today is the likely hood that these events will be repeated! Many of the end times prophesies have already been fulfilled. Israel is a powerful country. The idea of a one world currency and government becomes more real every day. These are signs described in the Bible that are a herald of the end of days Many Christians believe the final days are upon us. How long before the “celestial beings” decide to return for their long forgotten human brides? When will we see fallen angels walk among us? Moreover, are they here already?

Pastor Charles Burnett-Morrow