Keep Fighting for a Better World! We Need You!


“You fight for the life you want, you fight for your right to dignity, you fight for those around you who aren’t as “vocal” as you, you fight against those around you who are “vocal” against you, you fight against those around you who don’t care what you’re fighting for, you fight against materialism and disinformation clouding people’s concern for humanity, you fight against political and media lies and distortions, you fight against people saying you deserve the treatment you get because you’re ignorant/poor/different/unwanted, you fight against people who

fight against you for standing up for yourself, your history, your culture, your people, your ideas, you fight against the “well-meaning” bunch who say nice things but who don’t lift a finger or a dime or their voice to help you fight and who turn away when you’re hit, you fight against people telling you to accept more of the same because there’s an alternative that’s worse, and they don’t even consider or care that you’ve lived the “worse” under every person before them and there’s never been a “better” for you and yours, and you just can’t take it any damned more.

And then you breathe. And you keep fighting.”


Kc Cain