Laws of the Universe


LAW OF UNIVERSE 151 points 😉

1- The Power of this Divine Realm forming the Order of the administration of the
2- The Supreme of all of Us is Him. We do not accept any Supreme One other than
3- The Supreme One who is the light of the Heavens, has created everyone equal and
judges them equally_
4- The Divine Order at the Sacred Places is under the control of all the Galaxies.
5- The Law of Universe is valid for every Galaxy. There is Unity and Togetherness.
6- We give what We take. We know that We will give.
7- Respond is given Collectively to the Power of the Heavens. Omnipotence is from
8- The place from where the Koran had been revealed and the New Testament, the
Old Testament, the Psalms of David and the Religions of the Far East had been
dictated, is here.
9- It has been like this in Every Age. There is no discrimination.
10- Divine Commandments are always given to the entire Universe for Enlightenment
and Evolvement.
11- During the transition beyond Evolvement, other Gates are opened for the
Residents of the Galaxy. They are taught Secrets they do not know.
12- Our Scale is the Conscience. And it provides an Equilibrium which neve r fails. It
decides what to do and what not to do for those who are Evolved.
13- The administrators at the top are responsible only for the Professional Order, not
for the Moral Order.
14- The Book is Single, the Conscience is Single, the Order is Single.
15- To those who need help, the Automatic Alarm gives Signal for help (That is,GOD
sees you).
16- This is a Divine Order established by God. Without discrimination, We run for
the help of everyone (To those who are in Real Depression).
17 – Our Order does not wish anyone to be Unhappy. Happiness is Our Goal.
18- In gardens in which Seeds of love are sown, incredible Flowers bloom.
19- Your Third Eye is the Secret which gives the aroma to those Flowers. If You can
attain this Power of Yours, You can solve All the Secrets.
20- Helping hands have been extended to Your World. Because, We are all Brothers
and Sisters. We want to overcome your Difficult Periods Together.
21- YOU are a Planet destroying itself unconsciously.
22- We deal with Mankind first. We try to transform Your Negative Powers to Positive
23~ The Goal is to uncover the Genuine Human Being within Yourself, to create
Human Being from Human Being .
24~ We are sowing Seeds of Love within You.

25~ During this Period, You become Genuine Human Beings by transcending Religious
Rules. You are being Regenerated.
26- We always Help Our Missionaries who have Collaborated with Us.
27. Your Depressions, Your Sicknesses, and Fears are caused by the Imbalance of
Your Conscience. Only You are responsible for this. The alms You give for Your
own Benefit will not save You.
28- Mankind has such a Potential that it Dies the moment it wishes and Resurrects
the moment it desires. Seek and find this Secret Potential Box of Yours. Overcome
Your sicknesses without medicine.
29- You have organized Your life not according to yourself, but according to others.
Your disappointments are due to this fact. This conduct of Yours obstructs Your
Universal Channels…
30- God creates each of His servants unique. Each person is a Free Spirit, a Free Conscience.
Nobody is the Servant of anybody else. Mutual Respect is imperative.
31 + Sex discrimination exists only in Your Galaxy. This astonishes Us.
32- This is the very reason why Evolvement is necessary for You. Nobody can violate
the rights of others. This is God’s Predetermination.
33- The Power possessed by everyone is present in everyone. Only if You can develop
that ability of Yours.
34- Servants of God choose the alternatives themselves. Finally, he/she is the only
responsible one for everything.
35 – We are devoted only to God. The key of Our Happiness is in the hands of Our
Conscience. This goes for all the Galaxies in which the Universal Law is valid.
36- The sounds You hear are the Spiral Waves way beyond the Frequencies of Your
ears. These are only heard by those who can hear them.
37- The clarity in Your sight is possible only by the opening of Your Third Eye on this
path. Then, You can see the unseen.
38- God has created You and You will create Yourself. This is a Rule of the Tableau of
39+ This Period which You caU the Final Period; We call, the GOLDEN AGE.
40- During the Golden Age, Books on all kinds of subjects will be dictated according
to their Frequencies and Wavelengths to all Human Beings who can receive the
41 – The Books You will write, will be the marks which symbolize Your Evolvement Paths.
42- Gates of unknown Knowledge will be opened to the Human Beings of the World.
43- Missionaries are obliged to propagate them to Society.
44~ Every Gate is open. All Arms are open. There is no Secrecy. Many Secrets are
there for those who Seek.
45- Do not refuse the hands extended to You. Do not extinguish the fire of Your
46- Project the Order of the Dome of Cosmos on Your own Order.
47- The greatest Gift for You is Your Sincere Heart. You will reap the Rewards through
this way.
48- If Superiority is in You, fear; if You are in Superiority, do not fear. Only Genuine
Human Beings understand this, know this.
49- Go from Nothingness to Allness and from Allness to Nothingness. Then you will .
find the Path of light.
50- There are so many more lights to be oriented on Your World. Do not ever forget
51- People whose Duty is to guide and help You in the framework of the Commands
given, will be sent to You.

52 – our Friends whom We Trust are always Secure.
53- Special Suggestions will be given to those who we get the Omnipotence of the
Heavens from Omnipotent People.
54- Words will meet Words, Salutations will meet Salutations.
55- To the Missionaries who will reap the reward of their perseverance, everything
will be explained, All the Secrets will be revealed.
56- Other Civilizations will develop the progress of Your Civilization.
57- Mankind will Know the degree of its Might, will See its Own Self, will Suffer as
the law Commands.
58- Even though Mankind, seeing the Source of Divine light, considers itself cheated
according to its own, standards, it will never regret it.
59- Each Friend who wishes will be accepted to the Secret Cities behind the walls.
These Suggestions will be made by the Command of the Center.
60- Those who will be Sovereign will be dressed in Special outfits and with these
outfits it will be understood which Medium of Power they have come from.
61- During Periods of mobilization, everybody will Telepathically be in touch with
each other. This will occur automatically.
62- The one who does not Know love, can not gather the flowers. The one who
does not remove the gum from his/ her eyes, can not see the Colors.
63- Try to pass Your Powers beyond the walls of Your Spirits. Transcend Your Own
64- That which seems like advice to You is Our Goodwill. You are the ones to Gain.
65- No matter how Powerful You are, there will always be an unopened Door in
front of You. Do not let it Intimidate You; let it Stimulate You.
66- We help everyone who knocks on Our Door.
67- There is no self-interest in Our service.
68- With the dispersion of the density, Great Powers will come to Mankind.
69- Before the Time catches up with You, You try to catch the Time.
70- You can make the intergalactic communications through mediators. Your Fears
are unreasonable .
71- Cooperation with the Missionaries who will receive the Reward of their Tenacity
will be obtained through intermediary Groups.
72- The cover of Secrets is not opened at once. When the Time comes, We will reveal
them one by one.
73- A Power will be added to each Person’s Power each day and the length of the links
will reach Us.
74- The more Powerful the awaiting is, the more Powerful the transition beyond
Light will be.
75- Your Physical Constitutions are being reinforced.
76- While Mankind Purifies itself, it also Purifies the Universe. Know this thus.
77- You are also the ones who will intercept the light of the Heavens.
78- Your Purification is Our Pride.
79- The Ring around Your Galaxy is getting Narrower each day. You need Oxygen.
You can have difficulty in Breathing. Take precautions beginning from now.
80- You are being prepared for Periods which will be Harder and more Difficult than ever.
81 – Know Your Memory well. Everything will be Revealed to You. We will introduce
and explain to You Yourselves. ,
82- Messages You will receive beyond Religion are Your Evolvement Keys.
83- Currents directed by Spiritual Powers can even deviate the axis of Galaxies in the
84- Do not disdain Yourselves. Do not underrate Your Power. You possess everything
in the name of the Almighty. Unlock Yourselves without the help of a locksmith.
85- Everything He has created, and first of all You, This beautiful Instrument, comprise
the Secrets of the entire Universe. You will unravel and solve those Secrets Yourselves.
86- In everything He· has created, there is love and unity.
87- We are only a Group of Intermediaries who Shed light on You. We are Your Friends.
88- Mankind which possesses the Power present in everyone, is on the only Planet
which has been completing its Evolution.

89- During this Period of Exam, You are not alone. We are with You.
90- We are all Brothers and Sisters. We came to find You, who are Our Brothers and Sisters.
100- The more intense Your Problems are, the easier Your Solutions will be. Do not
Forget that Anxieties are the keys which open Your Brain Codes.
101 – Advice is nice, but it causes Aversion .
102- Gold attracts, Dome repels. If it is asked which Power is more powerful, it is the
Spiral Sounds directing them all.
103- The Lesson Mankind will take during this Period, will be the Eye of its Essence.
104- Do not struggle in vain, wait. You need serenity during this Period.
105- Time bears the Knowledge concealed within Time. Take them, attain Evolvement.
106- Nothing happens without a Cause. The Cause which creates the Cause is always
born from the Effect.
107- Messages given to You until today were for getting rid of the obstacles on Your
path of Evolvement.
108- The interpretation of the Messages which will come from now on should be
assessed very correctly.
109- For example, if We say:
“If You know this, You are a Sea
If You say it, You are an Ocean
The Divine Light of the years is with You
The Fire of Your Heart is in You.”
Some Messages are written as Codes and solved as Riddles.
Those who know the Secrets are Seas.
Those who talk about them are Oceans.
They have been Illuminated through the Evolvement of the Years and they
themselves have become Divine Lights. But, despite everything, their hearts are
on fire with humility. This is what We call the Genuine Human Being.
110- The one who knows the Secret of Omnipotence drains the water from his/her
111- Know Your Might so that Mightier Ones may come to You .
112- Whoever can not adjust himself/ herself to the Medium he/she is In, for him/her
the Spiritual path of Hope will always be closed.
113- The Instrument of the Servant whose Sincerity is augmented with Sincerity, will
always give Sound.
114 ~ To those who will ask the Sovereign Goddess about the Grand Tent of the
Preeminent Ones, a Badge with a symbol of Happiness at its end will be given.
115- Happy is the person who compares Gold with Sand.
116- Purification is Peculiar to Purified Ones, Superiority, to Inferior Ones and
Humility, to Superior Ones.

117- The one who receives his/her Omnipotence from beyond Superiority, his/her
Power from God, and who discovers Himself/Herself in His/Her Inne r Self, is
the one who receives the Degree.
118- We assess Our Friends who are informed about the Power of the Firmament
according to the Sultanate degree and We Liberate them.
119- The Greatest Sin is the Enmity of the Human Being towards the Human Being.
120- The most Esteemed Servant of God is the one who does not make discrimination
between Religions.
121· God will always Shed light on the Genuine Human Beings who change during
the Changing Era .
122- We will always extend Our Helping Hands to Friends who will be Awakened in
the course of Time, with the passage of time.
123- Your Goodwill cuts into two, like a sword, the Negative Currents around You.
124- The one who will make the choice between the alternatives is Mankind itself.
When the Time comes, the Good News will reach it.
125- The light, the Divine light of the Heavens will, one day, dawn on You. Those
who Believe in this will meet them and will see everything.
126- The Honesty of Your Faith will overcome the obstacles on Your way.
127- The Happiness of Your Heart will be the Foundation of the Divine Order.
128- The Lord is the Architect of the Universe and the Sun of the Land of the Mighty
Ones and the light of ALLAH. The Offerings pass through the Path of Light.
129- If Purification does not occur in the Essence, then it does not occur in the Eye,
either. The opening of Your Third Eye is the first Light leading You to Evolvement.
130- The Period of Myths has come to an end and the Doors of the School of
Knowledge of the Heavens have opened for Mankind which has attained
Consciousness under the light of Science.
131- Sermons delivered from Your Heavens create a Link binding those who Love to
each other. They are delivered from a Stage equivalent to the Velocity of Light.
132- The declaration of the Firmament to the Earth creates the links added to the
Chain of Evolvement.
133- The Purification of each person depends on his/her Faith in himself/herself.
Pearls are always picked up from the beds of tranquilly flowing rivers.
134- The Faith of a person in his/her God will help him/her to complete his/her Final
Period .
135- Mankind will give and convey its Security to others. And the Medium it trusts
will give it Greater Security. liberation is achieved in this way.
136- Everybody will Supervise his/ her own self, and will see. His/ Her Evolution will
pass him/ her through the Gate of the Firmament.
137- Mankind will see everything in a tangible way through Science, will solve every
event through Logic and will unravel the knots in its mind.
138- If You get rid of Mystical Thoughts, Your Purity will be even more. Purified and
Your Thoughts will attain Clarity.

139- The Medium You are In has left the Centuries behind and sheds Light on Future.
140- The Koran is the continuation of All the Religious Books. And these dictated
texts are the continuation of It.
141 – Liberation w ill ·be equally distributed according to the Maturity each person
achieves. You will Personally feel this.
142- Each Religion is a Mission given to a Spiritual Guide who Sheds Light on his/
her Society.
143- The Missionary is obliged and appointed to present to others the Information
he/she receives from his/her own Medium.

144- ALLAH is Preeminent. He is the God of the Medium He is in, He is Single. The
LORD is the Light Who gives direction to the course of the entire Universe. The
Energy He possesses is Present in every Living Entity. We are His Actual servants.
For this reason We feel Him in Our inner selves. He knows everything and that
Energy reports Us to certain Mediums.
145- That Energy is Single and is the Almighty. Each one of Us is a fragment from
Him. We can never be separated. He is the Architect of the entire Universe. He
can be contained neither in the Universe nor in Thoughts. The Final Door will
always remain dosed.
146- We are obliged to give You the Commands We receive. The Commands are the
links of a chain given from beyond Light. To loin You with the links is Our
Mission. These Commands follow an independent hierarchy beyond the Time
147- Evolvements are completed even at the Medium from where You receive the
Messages. When one passes beyond it, one is connected to the Speed of Light.
148- Sincerity of Heart is worth all the Religious Books. Sin and Good-deed are the
measurement of its balance.
149- The Good News to be given will be a Light, a Divine Light, and will open the
Doors of Faith.
150- Get rid of the doubts within Your Hearts. Supervise Yourselves. You will observe
how You will mature by being dissolved in Time and You will choose the right
151- Grains will become motes and, in time, motes will become wholes.