Mom Creates Party Venue for Children with Special Needs

For parents of children with special needs, it’s always challenging to find a place to host a party for their kids. Most venues have bright lights and music blasting and are generally overwhelming, especially for someone with sensory sensitivities.
Raquel Noriega was looking for a place where she can do fun things with her daughter and after she found Pixie Dust in Bayshore, NY she actually bought it and made it a special-needs-friendly party location.

“Our parties are customizable to each child’s needs and likes. Every detail is thought and talked about with the parent during the planning process to prevent any meltdowns.” R. Noriega
“Most party places just offer pizza as an option,” she said. “We can customize the food menu for those with sensitivities to texture.”
Raquel wants to become a certified autism specialist, to better serve others by starting a support group for parents.

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