Pokemon GO and Safety Tips

From car accidents, to people being rubbed or stabbed, this game rise up many safety concerns for the players and the rest of the people too in their race for Pikachu!
The “Pokemon GO” phenomenon has driven extensive media coverage, but a number of reports have been identified as hoaxes too. In Massachusetts a man was accused of causing one of the worst highway accidents after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu but in the same time, other people trying to prove it’s fake.
In Jacksonville, FL teenager was arrested for stabbing his brother because he thought his younger brother had deleted his Pokemon.

A lot of trespassing incidents have been linked to the game too. Reports shows that three teenagers were stopped at Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio Tuesday when they trespassed on the site in pursuit of Pokemon characters.
San Francisco Police Department, warned in a Facebook post: “As you battle, train, and capture your Pokemon just remember you’re still in the real world!”
The good part is that people are walking and discover more about their cities, talk and interact to each other, having group meetings in parks or around places they never noticed them before.