Robberies, Dead Bodies, Pokemon GO Can be Hazardous!

Okay the “Pokemon GO” horror stories are coming in from all over! This game is more detaching from reality than “Minecraft” but the really scary part is that instead of sitting safe at home its distracting you and actually getting you out into the real world basically Disillusioned Reality…..

In the “augmented reality” game, which was released on July 7, Pokemon characters are hidden in real world locations, where players seek them out for capture.


Recently, police in O’Fallon, Mo., said that four people in a black BMW with a handgun were arrested shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday following a report of an armed robbery. The suspects appeared to add “beacons” to a “PokeStop”
— a blue cube that allows players to strengthen their Pokemon.

Doing this, police said, allowed the suspects to attract additional players and locate people “standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever location they were in” and then proceeded to rob them at gun point!

Earlier this week a 19-year-old girl in Wyoming went out in search of a “water-type Pokemon,” but discovered a dead body floating in a river instead. Do you want your kids stumbling across dead bodies? The chances of this are slim but it happened within 24 hours of launching the game!=0

Pokemon GO is live across several regions as of the other day, and already people are out in droves hunting down adorable creatures in the most awkward of places, from adult toy stores to graveyards, and even other peoples’ backyards. Just waiting on someone to get shot for trespassing!

Truly, madness has descended upon the mobile gaming world. If you see a grown man scanning the playground with his camera, you won’t know if it’s cause for concern or just a happy Pokémon hunter searching for his latest trophy. If you’re a happy-go-lucky Pokémon hunter and suddenly the cops show up because you’ve been spotted “taking pictures” of other people’s kids, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’m quite literally waiting for the first news report of a car crash caused by Pokemon GO. Reading tweets, Facebook posts, and forum posts isn’t reassuring. People are playing while walking (obviously) but appear to also be playing while riding their bikes, or driving their cars. People are also walking into strangers’ yards, which could easily lead to confrontations (and hey, we Americans do own a fair number of firearms). They are in Gyms, in police stations, churches and museums, and even one on the White House. Suffice to say, this type of game/real world hybrid could lead to some safety issues.

If you use this app (or other similar type apps) or have children that do I Strongly recommend and ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location…. Use common sense, and always be aware of your surroundings and those around you! We already pay too much attention to our phones as it is…