Saudi “Therapist” Advises Husbands How To Beat Their Wives


We live in a world where all bad things we used to know, becomes a normality. Killing people because they are black, gay or for no reason is now, a reason. Beating your wife, was something “normal” for Saudi people, but looks like now it’s something that has to be on a National Tv to remind husbands how to do it properly. Saudi family “therapist” Khaled Al-Saqaby goes on Tv to explain how and why. From the beginning, they should make it clear that there is no equality, and has to be discipline properly. Like Russell Peters said in one of his stand-up comedy…”just in case”. I know, it’s not funny but that was first thing that came to my mind when i was doing my research on this. So they say, even if she hasn’t done anything wrong, they have to be sure she won’t disobey.

Another aspect that this ‘therapist’ is mentioning is that “undoubtedly some of the causes pertain to the wife”. You know….I can’t say this is shocking, because that’s an old mentality that exist in any country you can think of. Women start having rights, no to long ago, and still fighting for. There are still a lot of countries where beating your wife it’s a family problem where the law has no jurisdiction. But that’s why we try to evolve and that’s the wife’s fault. She knows now that she can say NO to all this, and she can work, be educated, and respected as human being and is nothing wrong with that.