The Atlas Of Beauty Around The World

Meet Mihaela Noroc a passionate Romanian photographer who had the courage to follow her dream and show the world how much beauty is all over not just in magazines where everything is smoke and mirrors. Growing up surrounded by color and paint she discovered photography but she was too young to make money out of it. Little by little she trust herself enough to quit her job and travel the world to find beauty. Even if her project got so famous (CNN, Oprah, Forbes) she still kind and humble when she talks about herself.

Every picture has a story, and if you take the time, to read it, it’s such an emotional journey. From refugees to hard working women that lost their family to those who all their life did one thing only to survive – work or hide. She saw beautiful friendships between Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia, between a girl from U.K and girl from Syria in Greece. She found beauty in Mumbai where a Banjara women peel shrimp every day from 5am for very small income, or in Southern Ethiopia where they walk miles just to take water.
Beauty after all is in all of us, but we are to busy to see it. We forget to smile, and admire each other and Mihaela just reminded us by showing us her hard work for the last 3 years.
Take a minute and discover The Atlas Of Beauty

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