The Lies We Believed As Kids

It’s crazy how many lies we believe as kids and how funny most of them are, but the funniest thing ever, is the fact that we use the same lies for our kids. I asked my friends and a group of awesome moms to list a few of their “tricks” to make life easier, to eat better, to not have too much sugar, to be safe and stay around the house and so much more. The reason we do that, is because it works. It worked on us, it will work on our kids too. Maybe a little adjustment to our times, but still…parents and grandparents – most of them – will do it for our own good.

“If the ice cream truck is playing music is because there is no more Ice cream!”, “But, the biggest of the lie they ever told me (my parents) is that there was a monster under the bed and that monster would grab my feet if I didn’t go to sleep and stop playing with my sisters….I am 60 and still believe that there’s a monster under the bed…Go figure!” Jane S.

” I have always told my kids now 8 and 16 yrs old that when the sky is pink/orange that means the angels are singing. To this day when they see the sky pink/orange they remind me that the angels are singing. Also thunder means God is bowling and lightening means he made a strike.” Tina W.D.

“We were told that if we ate standing up, the food would go to our feet and they’d get fat! And if we swallowed gum, we’d have a gum tree in our tummy.” J.Z.

“Whenever I told my parents I was done with dinner they had to check if I was really full by placing their hand on my belly. They always said I had more room in there which got me to eat more.” H.M.

“When I was little I used to visited my cousin that lived in the farm and they all knew how to swim and I didn’t so when we went swim in the river they told me to swallow a baby fish that I will learn. I swallow so many fish I still don’t know how to swim that well.” M.B.

“My mother used to tell us kiwi fruit was monkey balls. So we would not want any because they were her favorite” C.W.

“I was quite the mischievous child and one day my mom told me she was going to take me to “change a kid”. I literally pictured a toys r us type store, but instead of dolls on the shelves there were kids to choose from. However, One day I told her I’d take her to “change a mom” and she never said it to me again.” M.V.

“When we were kids my mom would have her back to us and doing the dishes, we would do something bad and she would tell us exactly what we were doing.. She would always say she has eyes on the back of her head.. After many years we noticed there was a mirror in front of the sink! Here we thought she really had and extra pair of eyes!” R.L.

“My 3 year old has a poopy problem so she always holds it in and I told her if she keeps holding it in she will blow up like a balloon and float away.LOL she sat on the toilet for 10 minutes trying to go LOL”N.M.
“We were told that if you peed in the pool a red line would follow you and everybody would know you peed in the pool” M.L.C.

“My mom worked in Police all her life and she always told us that every time we see a police officer looking at us, she knows what we are doing, because they all have our pics….I believed it even in high school.”C.B.

“My 5 years old seems to have a problem with the truth lately. I tell him his ears turn green when he lies. Now when he doesn’t want to tell the truth he covers his ears.” K.G.

“My dad told me 2 things I believed my entire childhood: 1. He was a member of a band called “The Beatles” and 2. If you collected enough belly button lint to fill a garbage bag, the gov. would give you a million dollars.”L.L.R.

“On the radio when I was about 7 they were advertising giving condoms away. I asked my big brother what a condom was and he said its a big beefburger and I should ask to have one for dinner! My mom wasn’t impressed when I did” L.B.

“They used to tell me that opening an umbrella indoors was bad luck. I still use it and never let my kids open an umbrella indoors.” N.S.

” I told my kids when they were little that if they were lying their tongues would turn purple. They believed me. When I asked to stick out their tongue (if they were guilty) they would start crying. I knew right away. It was gold.”K.C.

“When I was young, my babysitter told me that raisins are dead flies wrapped in jelly. I will not eat raisins to this day.”T.G.

“My parents used to tell me the fish was chicken and I believed them! To this day still don’t like fish!”A.M.

“My Mom use to tell me that if I was naughty, she would bring me to this house where “Mr. Manning” lived. He was a made up man in a random house. She would drive by the house to remind me that he lives there.”A.T.

“I tell my kids that the tooth fairy leaves her house at 7, so if their tooth doesn’t fall out by 7 they have to wait until the next day to get on her list.”A.N.

” I heard a story once about a dad that took his daughter to the movie theater when she was young but they must’ve gone mid-week for a matinee or something because they ended up having the entire theater to themselves. He told her he rented it out just for her. She believed it for decades until her dad finally told her the truth.”H.H.M.

“When my sister and I were younger our parents went on vacation and we stayed by my aunt. When we cried for our parents one of my older cousins locked 1of the bathrooms in the house and told us mommys in the bathroom. He did that every time we cried and we believed him. It’s 30 years later and we still laugh about it.” J.R.

“My battery (on phone) is dead!
In reality it’s probably at 30% but I really don’t want to hear Agent Oso or Little Einstein again and again! Or save it to prevent a meltdown emergency!” H.R.

Source: Adults Share Lies They Believed as Kids by ObsevOriginals on Rumble