The Most Beautiful Underground Place in the World

We all know something about Transylania, at least from the movies or the stories about Dracula, right? Well… this is a different kind of story. Deep in the Transylvanian ground (around 400-feet deep) lies an ancient salt mine, Turda Salt Mine that will leave you speechless being ranked 22 among the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world.
With thousands of visitors descending its vertical shafts each year to play mini-golf, see a movie in an amphitheater, go on a Ferris wheel, go bowling and row around its underground lake, this submerged wonderland even has a healing center for people with lung conditions.

Main attractions are:
IOSIF MINE, a conical chamber also called “Echoes Room”
CRIVAC ROOM – dates from 1881 showing rudimentary installation used to lift salt rocks on the surface.
TERAZIA MINE – an UFO- shaped construction in the center of the lake, a conical mine, a cascade of salt with a depth of 112m and you can explore the caverns of the salt mine on your own paddle boat.
RUDOLF MINE – is the last place where salt was exploited and the panoramic elevators offers on overview of the whole mine.
GHIZELA MINE – is equipped as a spa treatment room with natural aerosols.

People around the world are visiting every year so next time if Romania is on your list, or better yet – Transylvania – make sure you stop there too. A little too crowded in the summer but is worth it!
“This was a fantastic interesting day. It’s quite a drive from Sibiu but was worth it. The great gallery bit is stunning, surreal. It’s so big you won’t believe your eyes. There are also loads of activities to do, bowling, table tennis, mini golf…Even boat rental on the little lake. It’s mad in there. Take a good camera and enjoy.” Traveler from London, U.K.
“One of the most amazing places in the world …. Words cannot describe the experience of being deep inside this natural wonder … A unique and wonderful, not to be missed experience” Selley Dipanzano

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