Yoga Asanas for Detoxifying the Body


A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. Yoga is uniquely placed among all the exercise routines known to man because it helps not only our physical self but also our spiritual self.

Detoxification of our physical and mental systems is essential if we are to rise spiritually. A vessel already full to the brim cannot take in any more till space is made. This, in essence, is spiritual detoxification.

And if you read about experiences about people that have attended yoga sessions for detox, it is common for them to report that they experienced uncontrollable bouts of crying, laughing, stupor, and sometimes the body reacts to the cleansing sessions by vomiting out the accumulated toxins.

Negative energies accumulated in our bodies have an effect on our physical wellbeing. These energies include envy, jealousy, anger, lust, depressive thoughts, avarice, etc. These thoughts suppress the working of our immune system.

Physical pollutants include tobacco, processed foods, refined sugars, margarine, and food items that contain preservatives.

These affect our body, and especially our liver, which is the largest organ in the body after the skin and the kidneys, which are an important organ of excretion.

It is interesting to know that after detox yoga sessions, the body stops craving substances such as cigarettes and tea.

Let us take a look at yoga asans that can help us cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins.

The Sarvangasana is thus called because it recruits the entire body in execution. The idea is to lie down and raise one’s legs while supporting the body at the hips.

The neck and shoulder take the weight of the body. The toes are lined with the tip of the nose.

The effect of this asan is that the blood flows to the brain and the two main endocrine glands – pituitary and pineal. It also nourishes the liver with oxygenated blood.

The wide legged forward bend in which the practitioner bends at the waist achieves a similar effect to the sarvangasan. It also tones the hamstrings and glutes.

The Setu Bandh Asana or the Bridge Pose is executed by lying on the ground, pulling the feet up to the hips, letting the arms lie at the side and then raising the small of the back up. The shoulders are not to be lifted up. The benefits of this pose include improved blood circulation, and stress management.

These asanas combined with some simple homemade remedies such as consuming a glass of water on empty stomach every morning along with a clove of garlic helps build the immune system and cleanses the body. Drinking enough water will keep the kidneys in good working condition.

Jim McElwee

Good Health 24/7