9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Plantain – Not the Fruit, The Plant

plantain weed

Not to be confused with the fruit plant, the banana like, but the weed plant, native in Europe and parts of Asia.
This plant you can find mostly in any backyard, and you probably not even noticed, contains calcium, beta carotene, iron, vitamin K, C, A, allantion, aucubin, apigenin and tannin. This plant nutritional profile is similar to dandelion.
Here are a few medicinal properties:
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Analgesic
3. Antioxidant
4. Antimicrobial
5. Astringent
6. Expectorant – helps with bronchitis, coughs.
7. Diuretic
8. Laxative
9. Ophthalmic

The leaves are great for:
– minor rashes caused by poison ivy or other skin issues (eczema, impetigo), different glandular diseases, it soothes, cools, heals burns. Helps in all blood diseases, injuries, female disorders and mercury poisoning.
Kills germs & speeds wound healing. Can be use as tincture, tea, syrup, infused vinegar (great soak baths for sunburns, bites, blisters), infused oil or just fresh from the garden.
For more information and recipe for how to make infused vinegar, oil, tincture, sludge, or just how to cook it, check Raising 6 kids.