Conscious Vs EGO


The conscious is the reasoning mind, the one who chooses based on our physical senses (what is sometimes called the ego mind, because it creates the thought of liking something, disliking something, arrogance, separation, prejudice, obsession, and the rest). The subconscious takes care of everything you do not, like breathing, dreaming, the healing of tissue, digestion, circulation, etc.; furthermore, it houses our great creativity, everyday personality, strong beliefs systems, the deep-rooted reality of why we behave the way we behave beyond what we really understand of ourselves on the surface, and our true perceptions of ourselves and life.
So your subconscious mind flows downward like a cascading river or a powerful column of light, it transports deep wisdom and ideas of innovation from the Greatness of Nature itself (it is where one can find freedom and peace from the madness of the ego-driven, earthly conscious), when we are in profound silence and without the irritating conscious chattering of the modern-life monotony. Then, in this way, it is what da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mozart, Newton, Einstein, Tolstoy, Hitchcock, O’Keeffe, etc., have reached deep within this immeasurable cascading river of wisdom and creativity to create Great Arts and Innovations/Ideas that have stood the test of time and have brought about a revolution of the very human thought.

From infancy the majority of people have been introduced negative suggestions, ways of seeing themselves, others, and life itself, and, ignoring that these suggestions become seeded in their own subconscious minds, they grow up not understanding why certain thoughts, behaviors, and events arise or turn out the way they do. And these are harmful suggestions embedded deeply in us, for example: “Money is really hard to come by these days”, “I am not that intelligent”, “It’s no use, nobody cares”, “Most people are evil, I need a weapon to be prepared for the worst”, “Fear God and be obedient to religion, because if you do not, you won’t get into heaven”, etc.
These are harmful but disguised in sheep’s clothing, more like a tiny snow pebble rolling down the snowy hill, which at first it is tiny, insignificant, and you cannot even see it, but then it turns bigger as it rolls down, and then bigger, and bigger… several minutes later it is gigantic and it destroys the whole village; and also harmful because they rob you of possibilities and freedom of mind (specially as a thinking adult), which means pure love and absolute confidence to reach bliss and all you desire.
So, if we want to reach our higher selves and be the best we can be, we must rise above all this conditioning residing in our minds, unleash the power within our own subconscious, and within our own hearts and actually be the Light and the Truth inside us all, instead of just talking about it or writing about it…
There is Divine Light within you… You just can’t see it…