DNC Scandal Unravelled

So let me get this straight…. WikiLeaks releases 20,000+ emails proving the DNC colluded against Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigns in disgrace and before the ink is even dry on her resignation letter Hillary Rodham Clinton appoints her cochairman on her campaign. Now here comes the juicy stuff… To appoint Debbie she had to get someone to step down, and who would want to loose such a prestigious positions? None other than Tim Keane that’s who! Obama is filling an “electronic terrorism” case against Wikileaks in order to protect the DNC instead of praising them for making Americans aware of massive fraud inside our election system.. As if we didn’t already know this! Joe Biden called them “high tech terrorist”. The Cherry on top is that the potential DNC Whistleblower was found murdered outside his apartment with a single gun shot wound in his back! The best part about this? Virtual Silence from the mainstream media!