Feeling Overwhelmed?


I can’t blame my lack of self-control on our culture, but it surely doesn’t help any of us manage our time well. We live in a time starved society that relentlessly pushes us to the limits… BUY more, DO more, Accomplish more, Conquer more. Rush rush, Hurry Hurry. More Productive, more Efficient, more Expedient, More, more, MORE! It’s insane what passes for the norm today! Most work far more hours than they used too (who works only 40 hours, anymore?), trying to get ahead or simply survive… Our evenings and off times are crammed with activities, the kid’s sports, music lessons, and yes television! Many families rarely have time to eat together… A typical family dinner now includes a round of happy meals from a drive through in the fifteen minutes between dance and soccer

Even kids are overwhelmed today! I know many people with grade school level kids, who on top of homework and school, are out four or five nights a week doing extracurricular, not to mention the weekend schedules! And in our culture this is normal, or even Expected! We all want our kids to be well rounded, don’t we? We wouldn’t want to deprive them of the lifestyle that their friends have, would we?

For many of us, the schedules we impose on our children end up consuming US. If someone asked, “Are you really enjoying your life?” Most of us would have to say, “NO, and I don’t have time to talk about it!”

We are always rushed, always on the move, never having enough time. Almost everyone I know has little room for error in their schedule. Tragically, most people have little time for things in life they would claim to be most important to them… When we over schedule ourselves in the belief that we can do everything, we stop being human and try to become superman like, not only impossible but also incredibly arrogant! Most of us are living at a pace that is not only unsustainable, it is also unhealthy! It is time that we find the time for the things most important to us, “God” has given us all the time we need to accomplish what truly matters to our soul, always remember that!
-KC Cain