How Many Kids Would Risk Their Life to go to School?


Around the world, millions of children do not attend school because they don’t have one, or because they are too poor to find the time for education. They try to find food before they even think about school. In some countries going to school is more like a punishment for children, they think life is not fair to them…why do they have to wake up in the morning to go there? why do they have to study history ? Why is more important to have a smart phone or the trendiest fashion cloths ? In the same time, children are walking for hours, risking their life some times just to get there. They walk zigzag pathways along the overhanging cliff in China, or walking on ice risking falling into the ice cold water underneath in Indian Himalayas, or crossing dangerous rivers in Colombia.
So next time your kids complain about the school bus or about the fact that they need it to wait for you more then 10 min, show them this video… or better yet…take them there for summer camp.