The Downfall of Society


The problem with society, or one of the many problems, is that there is limited intellect and understanding of human beings, specially the average ego-driven mind, it’s being fed by manipulative TV news, emotionally lowering vibratory movies, brainless reality TV shows, by ‘she-said-he-said’ pathetic idiocracy and lazy behaviors like getting drunk at the bar or spending your time taking selfies in front of a mirror, by erroneous perceptions of reality of what is truly important to develop understanding of deeper things, by greed, intolerance, selfishness at grand scale, etc.
Human consciousness is being tossed aside by fixed concepts and societal and religious dogma. But as the world turns, Creation moves forward, the universe ever expanding, and truth is found in the movements and processes of this Creation of nature, this nature resides in our individual perceptions, thus ultimate truth is bound to move and change like its Creator, ‘Nature’, is a perfect example of this…

Truth is formless, shapeless, colorless, clarity, freedom, and fluidity. Like water it can adapt and absorb light or darkness; however, then, in a fixed mindset you’re stubborn and unbendable like the hardest metal or rock. Which means you cannot adapt to change and fluidity, you cannot grasp the true nature of truth, then you’re fixed mindset can only see its own world and it cannot look beyond it, the psychological and spiritual growth is stunted, this psyche abhors all that is new and enlightening. But a flexible mind is fluid, shapeless, formless, free, clear, and because of this it is also strong, for all these aforementioned give mind strength and resilience, adaptability to change, like the universe expands and changes, like life moves forward without obstacle; in the same sense, this mind is POWERFUL and GREAT as the ocean is powerful and great, because it moves without weight, without stubbornness and arrogance, and, thus, IT CAN HOLD THE TRUTH indeed, for this mind, as well as the truth itself, it is VAST and MIGHTY like the universe itself.
Women and men, no matter where they live and the circumstances surrounding them, have been given the ever empowering potential to grow and expand in ALL aspects of our being, and also DEEP understanding of what Greatness truly is! But, as we all know already, this DEEP understanding, which is more than mundane thought (because thought creates delusions, worship of deities and of another men, etc), is real connection to the fire of spirituality within us, real connection to what we truly are. So we should NOT let the the world as it is, TV and rumors, politics and all fanaticism, including religious views and other so-called “Holy” men, stop our expansion and keep the spiritual and understanding fire tamed and controlled.

We MUST rise from the polluting, dead ashes of mental-conditioning and mind-control, and from all the nonsense our own thoughts create, nonsense which originates from arrogance to know more than others and be better than others, nonsense which originates from what we read, watch, and feed our minds, our physical senses. We MUST understand that to feed the spiritual fire and to let it soar without the pollution of our thought, we MUST create a balance between the heart and the mind, marry it and come up with OUR OWN answers to ourselves and life.

Do NOT fall in the trap of religion and arrogant men who think they can rule you.

DO NOT be like simple-minded sheep, which follow blindly because they do not have the capacity to lead themselves.

DO NOT be of a weak and lazy mind like the ordinary drone out there, but raise yourself above that and let your fire grow and grow… grow and grow… because that is what life is for… otherwise you are just existing and living out of subconscious fear… which is the very death of that fire… 😉